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I won't fake it like the other girls... [entries|friends|calendar]
Hot, Hard and Wrong- Faith & Angelus

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[25 Apr 2006|06:35pm]

hot_hard_wrong will continue here

Thanks for reading!
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I pick myself up off the floor and now I'm done with you [20 Oct 2005|04:05pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

When I woke up I was surprised, only from the standpoint that I still had a pulse and I wasn't all trussed up and gettin' ready to be put through whatever new sick little game he had planned out for me. Instead I was just layin' back on my bed, the broken headboard shattered in pieces on the mattress and dried blood sticking to my throat. Couple months ago? I'd never gotten bit by a vampire now it seemed like I was the featured item on the twenty four hour buffet. I sat up quietly, lookin' around and waitin' for the catch. Waited for the Psycho to come jumpin' out of the darkness at me, but nothin' happened so I figured he must've gotten bored when I passed out on him and decided to take a hike. He'd be back though, he always was. So much for us playin' nice, huh? Couldn't believe I let myself get sucked into that game but that was what I'd been doin' ever since Wes busted me out of the clink. Not killin' the evil vampire that like I was supposed to. Instead I just kept lettin' him play me. Knew that was gonna go on forever until one of us was dead and I'd proved about eighty billion times that I wasn't strong enough to end it. I wondered if the fact that I was still alive was an indication that he wasn't strong enough to kill me either. Maybe we both just liked playin' with eachother too much. I wanted to be surprised by that thought but I just couldn't be. After all, I was the naughty wrong slayer.

Took the hottest shower I'd taken in a long time and cleaned myself up all pretty like. When I got out and looked into the mirror I frowned a little bit cause I was still lookin' kind've rough around the edges but at least I looked better than I had a few minutes ago. What was I supposed to do now? I kinda liked it here, I was taken care of and I had all the stuff a girl could ask for. Then you had to factor in the all access pass Angelus had to this place which was the big downside. That was the part that was makin' me wanna turn tail and head back to Amy's place. I wasn't sure how much I could trust Amy but I'd made it pretty clear to her that there was one badass vamp after me. She seemed to know alot about vampires and mentioned that she used to know B. What was more than that? She seemed strangely tolerant of me despite my whole lackin' in the social skills department. Guess it was settled then. I was gonna go crawlin' back to Amy no matter how much I hated the idea.

First? First I had to get the taste of psycho out of my mouth, off my body. Let him do whatever he wanted and he totally turned the situation around on me. Well, next time the Pretty Freak wanted a tumble in the sack he'd just have to go sniffin' somewhere else, cause I was done. Not puttin' out for his insane ass anymore. Should've known better than to believe any promise of playin' nice that was comin' from his mouth. Wished I could burn his touch from my skin, if I was stronger I'd set myself on fire but as it was I could barely even bring myself to go out and slay these days. Time to get back into the groove, ya know? Time to find that pretty killer that still lived somewhere in my skin.

Went down to The Bronze and had a few drinks before headin' out to the middle of the dance floor. Nothin' better than closin' my eyes and just lose myself to the beat of the music thrumming through the floors. When I closed my eyes and moved it was like the rest of the world didn't exist and it was just me, ya know? I was the only thing in my little world and everything was gonna go just the way I wanted it to. Before I knew it I had some wicked cutie dancin' all up on me and I smirked at him as I grinded my hips against him to the rythm of the music. After a few songs I leaned in closer and almost purred to him that we should be lookin' into gettin' outta here and findin' somewhere a little more private to party. He was like an eager little puppy takin' my hand and leadin' me out the door. He didn't live far and I never bothered to learn his name before I was strippin' off his clothes and shoving him down on the mattress. Time to take control.

I was halfway to ridin' him all the way to happy land when he tried to turn the tables on me and flip me over onto my back. Puttin' my hands on his shoulders I shoved him back down on the mattress and almost let out a growl. I was in charge of this boy and he was gonna learn right quick what that meant. He didn't fight me much and hey, who the hell would fight a hot chick writhin' around on top of you? He was almost there when suddenly a figure appeared at the end of the bed and I was surprised, because I hadn't seen him before. Xander. Except there was one part of him missing and seeing him without eyeballs made my stomach turn and my expression faded from ecstasy to horror.

"You know how this ends, Faith. You might as well just get it over with. Maybe you could not screw this one up like you did with me." He said as he examined his fingernails before lookin' back up at me through hollowed eye sockets.

"Huh?" I narrowed my eyes, confused by the sudden visitor.

"Hey, baby who you talking to?" Mr. Suave asked from underneath me, as his fingers dug into my hips with bruising force tryin' to get me to pick up the pace. Angrily I grabbed his wrists and pinned them to the bed before I looked back up at Xander.

"Do you know what Angelus did to me? He cut out my eyes, Faith. You should have just strangled me to death in your hotel room. It would have been better than this."

"I can't..." I muttered, lookin' from Xander down to the boy beneath me who was startin' to look less anxious and more scared.

"You can't what?" He asked me, struggling to get out of my grip despite how useless it was.

Now he'd discovered how strong I was and he was really freaked out. Poor guy. Once Angelus got ahold of him it was gonna be so much worse for him. Xander was right. I had to do this.

"Sorry," I muttered as I let go of his wrists and picked up the pace again, waitin' for that feelin' to sweep over him. If I was gonna kill him I was gonna at least make sure that he enjoyed it. Once that look settled over his face I knew that this was it and I quickly pulled the pillow from underneath his head and pressed it against his face. I didn't let up on the pace I was ridin' him at and I was pretty sure that he came before he finally stopped twitching underneath me. Takin' a deep breath I leaned down and put my ear to his chest listenin' for a heartbeat that wasn't there. He was dead.

Quickly I got up off of him and started searchin' for my clothes. I had to get outta here fast and not because I was afraid of bein' caught, but because I was terrified of what I'd just done. It'd been a long time since I'd killed someone and now I'd done it again even though I'd sworn that I never would. Walkin' back over to the dead guy, I pulled the pillow off of his face and frowned.

"I'm sorry....it's better this way...." I muttered quietly tryin' hard to make myself believe it. At least I'd gotten him off and I'd made sure it was quick. If Angelus got ahold of him it wouldn't be quick at all and I was pretty sure he wouldn't have gotten off in the process.

Quickly I headed out the front door and made my way down to the street below. Now I'd made up my mind cause he'd pushed me way too fucking far. I needed a weapon, something that was stronger than I was and I knew just where to find one. At least I had the taste of psycho out of my mouth, instead I had nameless dead guy.

I practically ran all the way to Amy's house and when I burst in through the front door she looked up at me from the couch with an unreadable expression.

"I need your help."

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[08 Aug 2005|08:28pm]

[ mood | angry ]

I had thought for sure driving her from her surroundings and having the entire town of demons after her ass would have flushed her out and back to my place. It didn't. The demons reported back empty handed and I nearly slaughtered them all in a fit of rage, went out and tracked her myself. Lost her somewhere in an alley and then ... nothing. I did pick up another scent though and it belonged to a witch. I racked my brain for who could possibly be helping her but I just couldn't grasp who it could be. I'd have to get my guys on it, find out who was powerful enough to hide Faith from me in this small rats ass town. I killed whatever crossed my path on the way back to my house, actually killing them with my hands or running them down with my car and backing over them for good measure once or twice. Hey, you have to make sure they're dead right?

I stormed into the house and started barking orders and watched as they began jumping through hoops to find me my information. I was too hot under the collar to just sit around and wait for information, figured I'd go see an old source that was usually reliable. Nothing like a tattle tale know it all demon to make a guy's night. I pounded my fist into his face until he revealed one name to me. Amy Madison. Of course, why hadn't I thought of that? She'd given Buffy and her group enough grief back in the day it should have been instant recall. I was too infuriated that Faith wasn't at my doorstep begging to be let in so she wasn't killed, blocked my reason. I couldn't let her do that, couldn't let anyone do that. I had a mission and I was going to see it through but right now? I was going to go find Faith and beat the hell out of her just for amusement and to find out just what this Amy Madison is packing behind her. See if she's protecting Faith or trying to align with a higher power for personal gain, if so I could help the girl out.

I wandered the streets in my car waiting and watching for any sign of Faith, she had to be out somewhere she wasn't one to hide. Of course she might just do that because of the pack I had out on her, I'd called them off though so perhaps she had a false sense of security. I was just about to give up when I saw a familiar brunette emerge from a convenience store with a brown bag tucked under her arm. What dumb luck I had sometimes but I'd have found her regardless. She can't hide from me. I'd always find her and she knew that and I wondered if part of her was craving that yet. I needed to step up my game and start pushing her buttons in a massively wrong way, start to push her over the edge of sanity and insanity. Such a fine line really. I pulled alongside the curb far enough back from her that it didn't draw attention and got out of the car slowly. I would follow her as long as it took and then right before she got to her little safe house with no invite, I'd smack her down and make her remember who she belonged to. As I followed her along I felt some major magick vibes jolting through the air and I realized this witch had a safe house, meant I'd have to stop pretty little baby a little sooner than planned.

"Pity they didn't catch you." I announced from behind her as I watched her stop dead in her tracks and slowly turn to take me in like she couldn't believe I'd found her. "I told you Princess, I'll always find you."

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Run my baby run [03 Jul 2005|10:51pm]

[ mood | working ]

Wasn't exactly sure what the game was this time but I did know that I was probably in way over my head this time. What else would be new, right? Angelus said he was steppin' up the game, no more Mr. Nice Vampire. Almost made me wanna snort, cause seriously? When the hell was he ever nice? Well, I guess the fact that he traipsed through the huge fucking snowstorm to carry my ass back home so I wouldn't freeze to death was kinda nice since ya know, he made sure I didn't die. But I knew he only did that cause he wanted me to die on his terms. Isn't that what he was always sayin' to me? That I was gonna beg him for it? I wasn't sure who he thought he was talkin' to but the idea of me beggin' for my death kinda died in that rainy alleyway, ironically enough. Mostly I was too tired to think much about it. Could tell he was tryin' to scare me with the hordes of vamps he had workin' for him and normally? Maybe that'd freak me out if he set 'em loose on me but did he forget to notice that it was daylight? Course that wasn't gonna be lastin' that much longer and I was still dead ass tired. That flu bug smacked my ass down back in New Hampshire and the only thing I was lookin' forward to now was layin' down in my big comfy four poster bed and then wakin' up to a hot bath. My place wasn't that far from Angelus' and I knew I could get there way before the sun set.

When I got there the doors were locked. Sealed up tight. Couldn't exactly bust into an apartment on the top floor of a high rise complex. Doorman wouldn't even let me in and when I finally busted on past him I couldn't even bust down my own door. Steel. Locked. Shut out for the night.

That son of a bitch.

By the time I got downstairs the sun had already sunk far below the horizon leaving only swirls of purple and orange in the sky as the moon rose up to take it's place. Now what the fuck was I gonna do? I was no stranger to bein' on my own for a night, but now I really didn't have any cash or friends or anything at all really. What the hell was I gonna do? What any self-respecting slayer in need of some serious R&R would do I guess. Foray into a little breaking and entering. Now that I was definitely not a stranger to. Strolled on over to the all too familiar Sunnydale Motor Inn and it didn't take me long at all to bust into my old room. Home sweet home. Couldn't even find the energy to strip off all my clothes before I collapsed into the bed and closed my eyes.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"That's her?"


"She don't look that tough to me."

"Tough or not bet she still tastes like slayer."

"Boss is gonna kill you if you bite her."

"You haven't heard? Open hunting season on this one, long as we don't kill her."

It sounded like it was all coming from the end of a watery tunnel, voices standing over me muffled and distant. It wasn't until the very last thing was said that I opened my eyes and realized what I'd gotten myself into. Motel room meant open to the public, meant that vampires had an open invitation. It mostly meant that because of the new game Angelus set up for me I had close to a dozen vamps crowding into my motel room lookin' to snack on a slayer. I stayed completely still hopin' to fake 'em out and then jump up when they least expected it. If they thought I was an easy target, not that tough? They had another thing comin' to 'em. Least I knew they weren't allowed to kill me, stupid lackeys always givin' away too much info. Not allowed to kill me, but apparently everything else was fair game. Speaking of game, what was the name of this one? Turn out his posse after me, let 'em what? Chase me back to Daddy? Run back to Angelus cryin' for him to let me in? Don't fucking think so. I was the slayer. Real deal, chosen one now. Bout time someone learned to recognize. Only wished I had a weapon right about now.

I kept totally still, lettin' 'em think I was still sleeping until I felt something constrict over my chest. Oh, they thought they were gonna strap me down now? Nice try. In one swift move I opened up my eyes and kicked out with my legs kickin' the vamps standin' near my feet away from the bed. My hands reached out and latched onto the bed post and with one quick jerk I'd managed to tear the entire headboard free as I smashed it over the vampire's head, the one who was holding the rope tryin' to tie my ass down.

"Did the boss also tell ya I throw a pretty mean punch?" I asked with a smirk as I easily pulled myself free and began wildly swinging the headboard at anything that came my way. I fought my way to the door, the headboard breaking into several pieces after I swung it hard at the wall. The minute I was weaponless they were all after me again. Ran out the door, pushed myself as hard as I could. It wasn't that I didn't think I could take these guys, it was just that I planned to do it on my terms. I could hear them all runnin' behind me, closin' on in and I was pretty sure more of 'em were joinin' the race. Grabbing onto a street lamp I used my own speed to swing my body around and plant my boots into the closest one's face before I started runnin' again. Fast as I could, all the vampires in town it seemed were hot on my trail.

Wasn't sure how much longer I could keep runnin' so I quickly darted into an alleyway and watched them all run past me. Stupid vampires, guess not everyone can be as smart as the big boss. I snorted just thinkin' about it. Looking around the alleyway I spotted an old chair someone had overturned in the dumpster. Check that out, my lucky day. Pullin' the chair out I ripped off the leg and held it in my hand appreciatively. Makeshift stake. Standing in the shadows I calmly watched dozens of vampires run past still chasin' me down and when I spotted the straggler at the very end. Reaching out with one hand I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him into the alleyway before slamming his back up against the wall.

"Slayer." He hissed at me, snapping his fangs right in my face.

"Yep, that's me. So....here's the choice. You wanna die or you wanna run off to play with your vamp friends?" I smirked at him holding the stake threateningly in front of his chest. He looked sufficiently scared and I tightened my hold on him. "What's the deal here?"

"I don't know." He answered me, and I quickly brought the stake towards his chest again. "Okay! Okay! Angelus told us to chase you down, do whatever we wanted to you as long as we didn't kill you. I don't know why, I swear! But I do know that he's got every vampire in town after you tonight."

So I was right, he really was just tryin' to scare me into goin' back to him, beggin' to let me back inside where I was safe. Oh yeah, the biggest baddest Psycho I'd ever known didn't exactly encourage fluffy bunny feelings of safety in me. Guess I was just crazy like that. Without a second thought I slammed the piece of wood into his chest and watched him explode into a cloud of dust and then nothing. Now what was I supposed to do? Had no idea. Try and hide I guess til the sun came up. Then I'd figure out how to get back inside my apartment, or find somewhere else to stay. Shoulda found somewhere else to stay anyway instead of lettin' myself stay all cooshy and cozy in a wicked sweet pad paid for by a vampire.

Sticking close to the shadows I started walking in the opposite direction of where the rest of 'em had all chased me off to. Just stay to the shadows, don't freak out and find someplace to hide. Easy, right? Not so much. Especially when I heard a shout of "Hey, there she is!"

Suddenly I was running again, as fast as I could as I heard pounding footsteps behind me. Wanted to turn and fight but there was so many of them. Ran until I thought my lungs would burst and I knew they were right on my tail. Didn't even know where I was runnin' to, except that I'd made it all the way from the bad part of town to the good part of town and now I didn't think I could run anymore. Turning around my eyes were wide when I saw just how many of them there were. Fifty maybe? A hundred? I couldn't tell but I definitely knew that I was about to lose this fight. Go down swingin' though, right? That was what counted. Least I knew they couldn't kill me, but there were a whole host of other things they could do that made my skin crawl. Not too mention an overly excited vampire wasn't something to mess with, even if he was takin' orders from the big boss.

I lashed out violently and it felt kinda good for a little while to be that reckless, that careless with what I was doin'. Kick after kick, punch after punch, dust to dust and still they kept comin' at me. At first I was under the delusion that I might actually win this fight. It didn't last long until I was gettin' pounded into the pavement. My stake rolled away and there were just too many of them, all tryin' to jump on me, pound their fists into me, touch me, bite me. The sharp sting of several sets of fangs in my thigh made my skin crawl and my lips fell open in a silent scream. This was losing. I was lost.

Closing my eyes I was prayin' that I might black out when suddenly all the pressure on my skin suddenly released. Opening my eyes I looked up just in time to see all the vampires flung away from me. What the fuck? Thought about movin' but everything hurt and suddenly a bright ball of light above me blinded me into shutting my eyes again. I heard screams, yelling and then...nothing.

Finally I was brave enough to open my eyes slowly only to see a cute little brunette lookin' down at me with concern. Had I blacked out? Was I dreaming her?

"Who are you?"

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[17 Jun 2005|10:24pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

It felt like days, no weeks, that we were trapped in that house. Trapped with ghosts that were haunting us and trying to get us to off one another. Faith kept insisting I let her go her way and I go my way but I wasn't about to let that happen, I'd worked way too fucking hard to get her where I had her and I wasn't about to give up because of some fucking voices. No way, no how. We had managed to wrestle our way through the snow storm and make it to a small airport where I not so lovingly convinced a pilot to fly us back to sunny California. Nothing says 'fly me to California or die' like a set of fangs being flashed in warning, the guy nearly shit a brick and we were on our way before we knew it. I sat toward the back of the small private jet watching Faith as she slept in the front, stretched out across the seats sleeping peacefully. I had forgotten what it meant to rest in peace since this whole ghost following our asses thing began and I was seriously hoping that it would dissolve once we arrived back home.

I felt the wheels of the jet screech across the runway and I woke with a start staring out into the dark sky as we pulled into a private hanger. I exited the plane and the pilot took a mad dash for his life across the runway toward the main airport, we had to get out of there before the cops were called which I was sure that's what he was doing. Not that they'd believe him with his story of vampires making him fly from snow country to Disney-fucking-land. I made my way back in the jet and rattled Faith from her sleeping position, dragging her out of the jet as she bitched and complained. As soon as the warm air hit her flesh she let out a relieved sigh. I managed to get us a car there in no time and we were disappearing as flashing red and blue lights made their way toward the hanger where we just were. Faith was bitching to herself as she sat beside me in the back of the limo, my eyes glancing over her tiredly.

"Really, had I not just spent the last two weeks strapped up with you in psycho motel and house land? I'd be more than willing to listen to you bitch but now? Shut the fuck up." I snapped at her and leaned back in the seat closing my eyes and rubbing my hands over my face. I just wanted to sleep for a few days in a nice dark coffin somewhere, all sound and information blocked out and safely tucked away. I opened my eyes and watched the scenery pass as we made our way back toward my place, the sun would be up in an hour or so and I wasn't going to risk dropping her off on the otherside of town. Once we got to my place she could head back to her own pad but not without an escort, I couldn't afford her flying the coup. Maybe I'd just make her stay at my place but she did have a good concept of the whole the ghosts bothered us less when we were apart. The car pulled into the garage and she opened her mouth to protest and I leaned in fast, clamping my hand over her mouth.

"Let's get one thing straight. We play by my rules. Sun's almost up and I need rest so I come first. They can take you back to your place but you're going to be watched, you're going nowhere. Are we clear?" I gripped her arm and drug her out of the car into the garage whipping her around to face me as her back bounced against the wall. "I don't want to fight with you, we've had a hard fucking time and I'm exhausted. Stay here and sleep or they can take you back to yours, I don't care but if I so much as hear you're thinking about leaving? I'll kill you sooner."

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My moral standing is lying down [04 May 2005|05:40pm]

[ mood | angry ]

Couldn't tell if it was heaven or hell or some fucked up limbo. Days and days and decades and fucking milleniums and I didn't move from that bed much. The fire roaring in the stone fireplace and casting shadows along the walls. Sometimes they talked to me, sometimes they told me what a giant fuck up of a slayer I was. Sometimes they sang to me, and whispered that I was such a good girl, wicked strong and tough but now I could rest. Because everyone needed a nap sometimes, ya know? I would shake and cry and wait for those blissful hours of unconscious to set in. That small reprieve was the only thing that made me hold onto the thin shred of sanity I had left. I had visitors when I was so on fire, sweat dripping down my skin as my feet tangled in the blanket. Mostly Buffy and Angel, but sometimes Wes would smile that smug all knowing smirk down at me. Sometimes it was Cordelia taunting me with a stake. Why I was too weak to get out of bed. I didn't know if I was hallucinating again or if they were really comin' to visit me. I'd cry out in my sleep, when I heard the little pattering of feet runnin' across the hall. That little girl and her brother, they were still alive. Still pounding and laughing through the house. I could hear them, echoing in my head. Didn't they know what lurked in the basement? Their parents corpses freezing as the snow continued to crash down on New Hampshire. Monsters were gonna get their kids. Told them, told 'em to hide to run because he'd kill them. But they didn't listen, and after awhile? I didn't hear them at all anymore.

Buffy would come, when I was so twisted up inside I couldn't tell which way was up or down. The fever raging underneath my skin. She'd lay down next to me on the bed and whisper stories in my ears. She'd sing me to sleep and I'd wake up and she'd still be there tellin' me she still loved me. Still believed in me. I'd whisper back to her, tellin' her stories of my own. But sometimes she would cry and sometimes she would scream. I hated those times worst of all, because I knew what she wanted me to do. Had to kill the monster. I was the bravest and strongest. When all the other kids wouldn't check for monsters under the bed, I always was the one to do it. Now I was trapped in the bed and monster was lurkin' underneath, lickin' his chops.

When B left, Angel would take over. He'd sit across the room from me and not say anything, just stare at me. Dark eyes burning accusation into me as he calmly observed me from where he sat. Sometimes he'd get up and pace, beg me to kill him, put him out of his misery. Then other times he'd apologize alot, for pretty much everything that had ever been done to me. I'd cry and beg him to forgive me as I desperately tried to concentrate on him. Everything felt so fucking hot and stifling. Like I couldn't breathe.

I'd fall asleep for another few hours, my little break from the shadows and angry voices. When I'd wake up Wesley would be standin' over my bed with a worried look on his face at first. He would tell me all about a sacred duty that I never gave a rat's ass about. He'd tell me about other slayers too, about what had happened to them. Then there were times when he'd get angry and throw back every little fuck up I'd ever made back in my face. Then I'd remind him of his own little fuck ups and he'd nod and smirk down at me. Once he asked me if I'd like some tea, but I never actually saw him with anything. Never saw any of 'em touch anything. Even when I begged them to touch me, to hold me they wouldn't. Couldn't.

The worst one was Cordelia, because she was never nice. Her version of nice was calling me a skank and tellin' me what a sad excuse for a slayer I was. Then she'd taunt me, askin' me why I couldn't get outta bed and stake her again. Tried to tell her that I'd already staked her once when it counted most. She'd laugh at me and I'd scream. Yell at her to shut up and leave me alone, cause I hated her so much for fucking everything up. This was all her fault. Everything.

On and on and on and on for days, and the fever raged on. I was sure that I had lost myself some where, that the cycle would just keep going on until I finally broke free from it. I just woke up and no one was there, but me. No sweating and shaking, and I could see and think clearly. Well, as clearly as I ever could anyway. The shadows on the wall didn't seem nearly as threatening as I sat up and frowned, swinging my legs over the side of the bed. Still felt a little bit shaky but that was probably from bein' sick for days. Damn. I hadn't gotten sick in so long, wicked hard for a slayer to get sick. Guessed wandering out in that blizzard had kicked my ass for real in the end. Well not for real real, here I was. Hadn't died yet, and all things considering? That was pretty amazing within itself.

Standin' up on shaky legs I walked to the window and pulled the drapes back. The sun was shining brightly in the sky, and a few feet of snow blanketed the ground for as far as I could see. Most importantly though, the blizzard had finally stopped raging on. It seemed like I had slept through the worst of it. Was glad for that much, cause the not worst of it part? Was fucking hell. My fingers lingered in the material before I finally let the drape come back down, only the light of the fire lighting up the room now. Walking into the bathroom, I looked in the mirror and froze for a minute. My fingertips gently touching the glass, looking into the gaze of that hollow girl standing there. Me. Barely even recognized myself any more. Dark circles under my eyes, my hair wild and unkempt. I'd been sick for days but damn! I looked like shit. Wanted to shower, but first I needed to eat something. Couldn't remember the last time I'd put anything in my stomach.

I found my duffel bag on the floor, and quickly went through it before I found a pair of jeans and a hoodie. Pulling them on, I ran a brush through my hair before I ventured out of the room. Looking around the hallway, I frowned. I could remember now, the couple and their two children who had taken us in in the middle of the blizzard. Where were they now? Well, I already knew where the parents were, the kids too. I just knew. Tentatively I walked barefoot down the stairs and stopped in the foyer, listening for signs of anyone or anything. Angelus at the very least had to be kickin' around somewhere. Whatever. I'd find him as soon as I got something to eat.

Wandering through the hallway, I finally pushed open the door to the kitchen and stopped in my tracks. A jar of peanut butter next to some strawberry jelly on the counter caught my attention first. Looking down at the ground I saw the two kids, sprawled on the floor. Blood pooled underneath them, gaping fang marks etched into the flesh of their throats. Suddenly my appetite went out the window, along with any sense of calm I'd begun to feel when it came to him. Fucking bastard. They'd taken us in when we were trapped, they'd helped us for no reason at all. He promised he wouldn't hurt the kids. Angrily I balled my hands into small fists at my sides before turnin' around and heading out of the room.

Finally found him lounging in the study with a book in his hand. He immediately stood up when I walked in the room and I didn't waste any time. My hands pounded on him furiously, but I didn't have much fight in me after the last three days. "You son of a bitch!" I screamed at him loudly. "They brought us into their home, they fucking saved our asses! You promised! You fucking promised!" Hated him so much, and I just didn't care anymore.

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[10 Apr 2005|03:49pm]

[ mood | angry ]

I watched her sleep through the night, watched as the nightmares came and she cried out several times. Found myself sitting up in the bed beside her, her head laid across my lap as my hands stroked through her hair. Nothing came for me while I waited for the sun to rise, I'm assuming nothing came for her because she didn't wake up all Rambo on my ass. Pried myself from her grip as I saw light coming in along one of the windows, heavy drapes blocking most of what could kill me. Didn't need her waking up and me all with the softness, petting her hair to make the nightmares go away. Nightmares were what thrived in me, what made my life complete. With her though, she didn't need nightmares that weren't given to her by me. A bunch of asshole ghosts trying to get us to kill one another off? Not worthy of her screams and cries into the dark room. Not now, not ever. I moved to the fire and placed another log on it, kept it warm for most the night. I glanced back up at her sound asleep on the bed when I heard it, heard them coming back for me yet again.

"Annnngelussss." A sweet syrupy voice pried its way into my head. I clamped my hands over my ears and looked up at the ceiling. Not now. "Oh Angelus, you think that you hear me with your ears? Silly boy, you hear me with your wickedness. Such a sweet little lamb watching over her, making sure she was safe from the big bad meanies out to get her. Makes me sick, that would be something Angel would do, not you. Not my sweet dear Angelus, killer of all things good and pure."

"Shut up, Darla." I growled quietly and turned back to the fire, stoking the logs. I couldn't talk to her, couldn't acknowledge her. Maybe it'd go away if I ignored it, didn't give it the satisfaction it desired. Nothing in this house was going to make me kill her. Nothing. "I'm done listening to you and your other little friends, we're leaving. Heading out, back to warm and sane California. Without you." I saw Faith stir slightly, would do her no good to see me talking to my little imaginary psychotic friend. I'd kept her safe all night, she had to trust me on that. I was the master of mind fucking, I hated to be mind fucked. That's what this place was. One big gigantic mind fuck.

"You think if you run away I won't follow? I will always follow you my dear boy, always. I will haunt you until the day you turn to dust, you will you know. Die." Her voice was cold and chilling, amazing how I could remember in the bat of an eye exactly how she sounded, smelled, tasted, and felt. I didn't want any of that. Faith needed to wake up so we could figure out how to get the hell out of here.

"Faith. Faith. Wake up, we need to get out of here." I nudged her shoulder and rolled her onto her back giving her a little shake. "Faith, rise and shine. Time to fight the voices in our heads."

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Watch me crumble [21 Mar 2005|03:13pm]

[ mood | confused ]

"Wake up."

"Fuck off." I rolled over, my arms pulling the pillows closer to me as I refused to open my eyes. Wasn't six a.m. yet. Not group shower time. All inmates up and at 'em. On your feet prisoner. No way, it was still too early. I was wicked tired.

"Wake up, Faith!"

Sighing I tried to make her go away, but she never went away. It was just a dream, just a lovely dream where she was still here and I didn't have to deal with this. Where she was still the one and I was still no one hidin' behind bars.

"Faith! Get your ass up!"

Opening my eyes I shook my head as I glanced up at a familiar tanned face lookin' down at me with a quirked eyebrow. A blond curtain of shiny blond hair cascading across her skin.

"B?" Now I knew I was dreamin' for sure. B wasn't here, not with my eyes open. She only popped into my subconscious, that one small guilty voice tellin' me that it was wrong. That I was wrong. Blinking a few times, I turned dark eyes on the rest of the room. Suddenly the night before came rushing back at me with a blinding intensity.

I'd tried so hard to get away. Break this sick cycle the two of us had goin' on. Mostly with him burnin' me out, and then me lashin' back at him. Over and over again, and it seemed like neither of us had what it took to end the other one. He kept talkin' a big game, that I was gonna be at his side. He wanted to make me like him. Then why the fuck hadn't he done it yet? But I already knew the answer to that question. He wanted me to want it, he knew that I wouldn't let him. So it was either dead or not so dead, sometimes makin' choices was a bitch. It boggled my mind to think about a crazy sick fuck like him actually caring about something besides his own psychotic ass. But he did, always worried about me, always comin' back for me. That was why I couldn't escape. He wouldn't let me. 'Course now the pretty freak was snoozin' away next to me. My stomach turning slightly at the idea of sleepin' in the same bed with him.

"Hello! Earth to Faith!" My attention immediately snapped back to Buffy who was givin' me an impatient look.

"You're dead." I said as I quickly got out of bed, and headed for the nearby dresser where I'd spotted a pack of smokes the night before. With my back still to Buffy, I lit up a smoke and took a deep drag. She wasn't real. Not real. A ghost? Pretty fuckin' doubtful, but the only other option was that I was makin' it up. I was imagining her, because I was a total nutjob now. No. I wasn't crazy. I remembered crazy, and it didn't feel like this.

"Yep. I'm pretty dead, but you know whose not dead? You. Also him, and I have to ask myself why."

Whipping around to face her, I couldn't keep the guilty look off of my face. Why shouldn't I feel guilty? He'd killed her. No. First he wrung her out. The thing that he killed didn't even resemble Buffy by the time he was done with her.

"I-I can't do it, B. I'm sorry. I can't. It's....Angel. I can't kill him."

She furrowed her eyebrows together, and tilted her chin down. Shiny hair catching the glint of the small lamp still casting dim light around the room.

"You have to. I need you to do this for me, Faith. Please. So I can rest."

I swallowed hard. How the fuck was I supposed to say no to that? How? I'd already let her down so many times. Couldn't even save her kid sis from the psycho perv I'd been riding like a prize bull just a few hours ago.

"I can't."

"You can. You have to. You can. Don't think about it. Just do it. Just stake him. Kill him. Do it, Faith. Kill him. I saw what you did with him last night. I was watching. I know what you did. Now you have to end it. Do it."

Gritting my teeth together I tried hard to block her voice outta my head. But I'd never been good at blockin' B out. Usually she just got in so much that I had to cut her out with the sharpest blade. That was usually when I did that jump without lookin' thing that I was so famous for. Where I didn't think, I just acted. Blood pulsing, rushing so hard and my pulse poundin' in my head. Don't think, just do it. Make it stop, Faith. You can make it stop.

Quickly I lashed out and grabbed the wooden post that was part of the frame of the bed. Ripping it free I jumped on top of Angelus and brought the stake down with in a wild fury of speed.

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[03 Mar 2005|10:53pm]

[ mood | curious ]

I was sitting out on the veranda when one of my guys told me that Faith had taken Cordy down downtown in some clothing store. I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd miss fucking that girl, she had a wild side I'd never seen before, all that cheer leading if you ask me. Limber as fuck and nice body to boot? No, so not going to say I won't miss that. I'll find another though and more than likely she'll take her down too, it was our game. I never thought she'd have the balls to take down Cordy though, and I half wished I could have been there to see the event. Watching the look on Faith's face as she saw that Cordy wasn't really dead, that is was all a pretty mindfuck. I closed my eyes and smiled happily in thought of that, the angst and confusion warmed a small place inside my pants heart. I got up and strolled inside as the guy kept talking, carrying on about Faith leaving or something.

"She was packing things? A duffel?" I asked curiously as I poured a drink, clinking the icecubes against the glass as he continued talking a million miles an hour. I reached out and grabbed him by the throat, squeezing slightly. "Just tell me where she's headed to, that's all I need. Skip the details on how the fight went down and just get to the meat and potatoes will ya'?" He nodded his head and I released the hold on his neck, watching as he rubbed at the flesh about his neck before launching into telling me where she went. New Hampshire? I stood there slightly amazed, and not really surprised all at once really. Made a few calls and put some contacts on her whereabouts up there and I booked the next flight to New Hampshire. I headed for my room and packed a bag, nothing like taking a red eye to New Hampshire on a private jet. Travel in style, the only way to go.

"Okay, think you morons could keep the fort down for a few days while I go and retrieve my precious cargo?" I asked with an arch of my brow, watching them all nod enthusiastically. "Good then, I'll be back... whenever, don't worry about it. Try to manage not fucking up everything will you? Pull the car around front, we're going on a little trip." Men scrambled to make things happen and before I knew it I was New Hampshire bound and half asleep on the plan as it glided silently through the night sky. Arriving wasn't so bad, private hanger that blocked out the sun which would be up within the hour. Every arrangement was made for me, all I had to do was collapse on the bed once we arrived at the manor I was to stay at.

"Fuckin' snow, always hated this shit." I mumbled in the back of the limo, the lady who was babbling on about my accomodations and such, was starting to get on my nerves. "Great, thanks. Shut up now, okay." I barked at her and she looked slightly shocked. As if this were the first time Ms. Tightly Wound Bun had been told to shut the fuck up? Please, if so she was in for a world of hurt during my stay. The car rolled into the parking garage of the manor and I exited, heading directly inside to check out the place. Not too shabby really, everything a vampire needed and more. Fridge full of blood and a soft bed to fuck sleep on? Perfect. I dropped my bag at the foot of the bed and collapsed on it, a few hours of shut eye wouldn't kill me, the sunlight would though. I woke up as the sun was setting and I grinned wickedly, it was time to go and find my girl. Find out why she ran off without so much a warning. I'm guessing it was the whole Cordy issue, fucked up her little brain. I dressed and headed out, being thankful I didn't have to worry about generating body heat to survive the cold. Being dead had its advantages, really it did.

"I'm going to take the car... search around a little bit and see if I can locate her, just give me your best driver and we'll be out of your hair." I grinned and watched as the house manager arranged what I'd asked for. Devotion and service, my two favorite words in the English vocabulary. I climbed in the back of the car and glanced at a file on the seat beside me, every bit of information I could ever want on Faith. It included a last known address in a trailer park, I'm guessing she wouldn't go there, too many memories. "Take me to the wharf, she's gotta be down there somewhere because old habits die hard." I leaned back in the seat and bit at my thumbnail as I watched the large snow drifts flash past the windows, some of them swallowing whole cars in their size. Deadly quiet, gave me more reason to love the snow. They'd never hear me coming, most importantly? She wouldn't hear my coming.

I worked my way through the area looking for any type of clue as to where she'd be, I really wasn't even sure where to begin. The contacts had pinpointed her in this small town, this very small isolated town. Wouldn't take long to work my way through the population to find out where she was. I saw a form up ahead that flickered in the headlights briefly.

"Stop." I said firmly, the driver pulled to a stop. I narrowed my eyes and focused on the walking form, duffel flung over the shoulder. Cocky swagger, head bowed slightly. Damn that was easy. "Wait down this alley, kill the headlights." I barked out as I stepped from the car and slipped into a small covering of a shop, glancing down the way after a few moments. She was still walking forward without a clue, the blanket of white must be fucking with her Slay-dar.

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Sacrifice my vanity [12 Feb 2005|01:11am]

[ mood | working ]

Didn't know what it was, but suddenly? I felt kinda free. Ever since that one night I'd staked Lily and taken Angelus down a peg or two I was feelin' wicked good. More like my old self again than ever before. And by old self? I didn't mean the formerly psychotic tying watchers to a chair just to watch 'em bleed self. I meant, like a slayer. I'd been trainin' harder than ever, headin' out every single night on patrol and handin' out wuppins to whatever got in my way. Vamps caught wind of the slayer bein' on active duty real quick too. They started to challenge me, which by the way? Only made it that much better. I wasn't the slayer that hated to get her hands dirty. Fuck. I liked to roll around in the mud and grime and feel the grit between my toes. Slayers weren't meant to be dainty. They were meant to kick some serious ass. What's so wrong with that anyway?

Been keepin' an eye on Angelus' pad too. Knew he couldn't see me from the crest of the hilltop that towered over his mansion. I was waiting, and I was ready. Knew he'd need a little time to figure out however he was gonna get to me next now that I'd upped the ante so to speak. I was all about steppin' up to the plate, no more laying down and takin' it. Was the kinda chick that liked to be on top and that was how it was gonna stay.

"Like I said earlier, it's just like we're building the foreplay. I'll find another Lily, count on it. I like this little jealous rage thing you got going on, looks sexy on you. I'll make sure to let you know exactly what she looks like, feels likes, even tastes like ... just so you can hunt her down and kill her. Sound good lover?"

Knew it was only a matter of time before he got himself a new chewtoy. Some stupid lame whore who'd fuck him every night til he saw stars until he lost interest in her. Had to say though, my curiousity was piqued. Who would he pick this time? Lily had been kind've a tough match and he'd only try to make it harder this time. The difference was? This time I'd be ready. I was ready to play the game, his game and I was gonna win. You could bet your ass on that much.

It was just another night, and I was out and about in Restfield Cemetary. It was usually where all the biggest nasties hung around, killin' people, doin' their thing. Didn't make one bit of difference to me. All I knew was that they were gonna end up dust and I'd be standing over them with a stake in my hand right before they did. It was my usual nightly ritual these days. I'd get up sometime in the afternoon and train, maybe watch some TV. Then there was dinner, more training before patrol time. Then usually after I'd gotten my slay on I headed to the Bronze to let off a little steam. Get some drinks, dance some dances. It was all five by five.

I was startin' to get sorta lonely. It wasn't that strange, I'd spent most of my life lonely. But even lonely I still made friends wicked easy. Mostly the groiny kinda friends I ditched after a few hours. Thing was? I knew how to have fun, and havin' fun usually involved people. Hadn't even bothered to go out and get laid since I got busted out the joint. Something wrong with that picture yo. Couldn't even wrap my mind around how long it'd been since I'd had sex. But the weirdest thing of all? I felt closer to Buffy now, then I'd ever felt before. Something about the loneliness I guessed. Being the chosen one was so much different than being the second of the chosen two.

After I'd staked a few lame vamps, I was startin' to give up on Restfield for the night. I'd done a sweep through there the last couple nights but maybe the vamps were startin' to take a hint. With a shrug my boots hit the pavement as I wandered through Sunnydale, into downtown. There was always trouble somewhere. Now I just needed to find it. Was usually pretty good at doin' that.

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[22 Jan 2005|11:13pm]

[ mood | devious ]

After Faith wandered off from the Bronze, I headed back to the house and stared at the bathroom that had been cleaned up while I was gone. It looked like nothing had happened, and it didn't. Lily would be missed but that was about it she isn't the one I'm after, she was just a bump in my road to tie me over. I'd find another and actually doing that right now sounded like a fantastic plan, it was still night and I had time to kill. I wandered back into the living room glancing around at a couple of guys standing around with shit eating grins on their faces, I must be missing something here. I casually stuck my hands in my pockets and looked at them, yeah something was up most definite.

"So, who's gonna clue me in on the reason you've all got shit eating grins on your faces?" I asked as I sank into the leather couch, spreading my arms out the back of it and waiting for an answer. "Well, c'mon ladies ... don't keep me in suspense here." One of them stepped up and gave me a nod and cleared his throat, I felt like I was getting ready to hear the Gettysburg Address recited in its full version. I snapped my fingers and he started mumbling about something to do with a certain person being captured.

"We uh- we thought it'd be a good trade off if we brought you something pretty. Something that we helped cover up for you with the Slayer." He paused as I leaned forward with interest. "She's in the basement, locked up in that other room, you know just the big one that we locked Lily up in the first time? She's ... waiting for you." I was very curious now, I had no clue what they were really talking about. Something they helped cover up for me with Faith... my brain was reeling because frankly? They really didn't help me do much of anything except kill the little pests that bothered me. I stood up and moved to the bar, pouring myself a drink and thinking on it, all of them standing around quietly. I was actually surprised they were managing to stump me on this one, they weren't the brightest of vampires.

"So, you're telling me you've already got me a new little bitch to play with. One that will really piss Faith off and you all helped me cover something up that involves this person downstairs?" I asked calmly as I continued reviewing this in my mind. They all nodded and 'uh huh'd' me, smiles still plastered on my face. "Am I going to get a name or do I need to just go down there and find out, cuz I'm guessing you all want this to be a surprise for me or something. Not that I haven't already had enough surprises tonight with Faith and her bigger than life britches, but hey ... I'm in a good mood and I'll humor you." I set my glass down and unbuttoned the cuffs of my shirt, rolling them up to my elbows and walking across the living room still listening to the buzz between them all. I looked at them and silence fell over them all, only grins. This had to be fucking good, like seriously really fucking good.

I walked down the steps to the basement, glancing at the open door of Faithy's little home away from home room, and then let my eyes wander to the second metal door. I could hear a heart beating softly behind it, so whoever was in there had been in there long enough to relax and realize that they were alone. That's so sweet but too bad their life was about to come to a screeching halt as soon as I got in there. My fingers moved to the heavy latch, sliding it slowly ... slowly. The heart beat began to quicken just the slightest bit every inch I slid that bolt back. Bah bump ... bah bump ... bah bump-bah bump-bah bump. Ohhh yes, that sound was heavenly to my ears. Only made the blood run thicker and faster, hotter and more delicious. I closed my eyes and leaned my forehead against the door as the latch was totally open, all I had to do was pull the door open to reveal and empty room. Empty save one thing. A victim.

"Well, well ... I'm impressed." My face registered only shock as I took in who was firmly pressed against the very far wall. "The boys went all out, didn't they?" I smirked and pulled the door shut behind me, hearing the latch slide as one of my men made sure we were nice and snug. I walked into the room a bit further, putting my arms behind my back and rocking up on my heels, taking in the lovely sight before me. It's been a long time, a very long time. I had thought she was hidden so well I'd never find her, she was one of the last of the pathetic little band of freaks.

"Cordelia Chase my, my it's been too long." I grinned wickedly and licked my lips, she was going to be fun. This whole game was about to get seriously more fucked up. Faith did say she would keep coming, every time no matter what she'd kill them all. I wonder ...

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[21 Jan 2005|10:13pm]

[ mood | infuriated ]

I'd stepped out to take care of a few things and I come back to chaos. Chaos meaning none of my mean would tell me what the fuck was going on, but something clearly was going on. I grabbed up the closest piece of wood and started staking them one by one, waiting for one of them to tell me what the fuck had happened. I was about to kill the third guy when it hit me, Faith. Faith had ... been here? I dropped the guy and followed the lingering scent up the stairs, down the hall to Lily's bathroom. Glass shattered on the floor from the medicine cabinet, the shower curtain laying half in the tub, a hairdryer on the ground busted in two from being thrown. I glanced at Lily's hairbrush, sitting on the counter and then my eyes wandered to the only other thing in the bathroom that was out of place. A pile of ash. Lily. I let out a growl and ripped the counter top from the wall, launching it across the bathroom.

"What the fuck happened here?!"I demanded, storming back downstairs looking over my men who were all but cowering from me. "Someone better talk fucking soon or you all are going to die. TALK!." I paced in front of them, running my hand through my hair, fuming. What the hell happened here? Did Faith dust Lily? What the fuck were these guys doin', twidling their thumbs for fucks sake?

"Angelus- Angelus you told us. You told us we were not to touch her. Not to touch the Queen, that's what you said!" A scrawny one finally piped up, his finger pointing at me accusingly, blaming me for this. I stepped up to him and grabbed his finger breaking it and twisting his arm painfully, dropping him to his knees as he cried out.

"So what? Faith just ... waltzed in here and you all fucking bowed down to her? She killed Lily! Does that not ring some alarms for you stupid bitches?! I mean seriously, she can't just storm in here and kill things that don't belong to her!" I was screaming, not paying any attention to the arm that was now broken in my grasp. I jerked him to his feet and slammed my fist through his chest, gripping his heart until he exploded into a pile of ash around my hand.

"She's the Slayer, you picked her. You made the rules, not us. We didn't know she was gonna kill Lily, none of us could take on Lily how'd we know she'd be able to kill her?" Another one barked out defiantly before shrinking back and moving away with the other guys as I stormed around the living room. I grabbed one of them by the shirt collar, jerking him to my face.

"Where'd she go?" My tone dangerous, my face locked in anger. "If none of you had the fucking nerve to follow her out of here so help me- I'll kill you all. I can get new men, better men, clearly fucking smarter men if one of you can't tell me you followed her fucking ass!" I shook the guy and launched him across the living room, he landed on the glass coffee table and shattered it in a million pieces.

"We followed her, she's at the Bronze." One large vampire said proudly. "We knew you'd wanna know where she was, she left about half an hour ago. Alone." I smirked at him, nodding my head, he knew I was appreciative. I threw my jacket across the room and moved into the weapons room, my eyes scanning the wall. I guess the whole fork experiment just wasn't enough for my stupid little bitch, guess I'd have to really show her that I was in charge. Pity too, I just hated breaking her. I reached out and grabbed the sharpest, biggest knife I had, tucking the sheath into the back of my pants under my shirt. I was going to ram this blade so far through her she'd wish it were Buffy stabbing her.

"I'll be back." I growled and headed out to the car, peeling out as I took off down the drive toward the Bronze. If I had to kill her, if I had to bleed every drop of beautiful blood from her body? I would, she'd pissed off the wrong vampire. I pulled up and got out of the car, not caring that I'd nearly parked in the middle of the shitty alley. I was just about at the door when I realized something. She killed Lily. Just Lily. None of my men. I smirked and shoved the bouncer out of my way and made my way into the crowd, searching for one thing. The one thing that made my blood boil and my body ache.

"Faith." I hissed quietly as my eyes locked on her in the center of the crowd, her body moving violently with the beat of the music. "Pretty killer who's gonna wish she didn't fuck with me..." I began making my way through the crowd, shoving people, breaking people. I didn't much care really, I didn't stop until my hand clamped down on the throat of the guy she was currently draped to. I threw him back, smiling sadistically when I heard a snap.

"Hello lover." I smirked and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her face closer to mine. C'mon, make the move. Make the move and let me kill you, I'll beg for it.

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Immune, obsessed, like a saviour I do caress [21 Jan 2005|08:45pm]

[ mood | predatory ]

Stronger. Faster. Smarter.

It was never enough. I couldn't train hard enough, couldn't make myself fast and smart enough. Because when it came right down to it? I didn't wanna be. Two of us already knew I couldn't do it, only one of us in denial about it. Well, fuck that. No more denyin', now there was just hurting. He thought he could crawl into my fucking brain, get under my skin. Prick thought he knew me so fucking well. Thought he could come struttin' into my apartment any time he wanted makin' demands and tellin' me that he owned my ass. Always callin' me a killer, tryin' to make me believe that we were one and the same. Fine. If he wanted to play it that way. It was time I got off the defense and onto the offensive. He thought he had me figured out, he thought he knew exactly the kinda crazy darkness that lurked just underneath the surface? He knew jack, and I was gonna be the one to prove it.

Sometimes I'd stand in my big open kitchen and just stare at the knives. Lined up all shining and sharp in a wooden block on the kitchen counter. I really liked knives, they were my favorite weapon. Could make it easy. He wasn't gonna stop comin' til I was dead. Could take it all away from him, end myself since I couldn't do him in. That would piss him off something fierce, knowin' that I got the last laugh. The upper hand even through death. He'd hate it, it'd drive him crazy crazier. But when all was said and done I just couldn't do it. I'd stand there for hours, tempting myself, fingernails digging into the raised scars now running across both my palms from where I'd been pinned to a table with forks. I'd think of a million reasons why I should and then I'd just punk out on myself. Swear. I couldn't do anything right. Couldn't even kill myself. Shoulda learned the last time I tried that, cryin' in a rainy alley in Angel's arms.

Instead I found myself playin' his game. Playin' his game, but doin' things my own way. Angelus wasn't the only one who could stalk, I was a slayer. Slayer, predator, hunter, whatever. I was built to take out his ass and if he thought that I'd just lay down and take it? Well...let's just say he musta killed B for a reason. Right?

I had to stand on the hill, surrounded by darkness and thicke forest. Too afraid to get any closer, because he still had a few tricks up his sleeve that I didn't. Namely, he could smell me if I got too close. Handy little trick, if not wicked gross. Maybe it was just me, but I wouldn't wanna be smellin' everyone that came my way. Seriously nasty. Although it's gotta come in handy for my line of work, or ya know...bein' a psychopath vampire.

Didn't have to wait long before Mr. High and Mighty his own damn self came struttin' outta his house like he was the shit. At first I wasn't sure that it was him, he had to so many people comin' in and out of that house. He had vamps lined up around the damn block to be his bitch. Kinda disturbing, but at the same time I was sorta awed by the power he commanded.

"Of course you thought I brought you there to prove a point. Show you off, when in fact I was there showing them who their Queen was going to be. Who I'd chosen over them all, the one who snuffed out the stupid life that thought I'd waste my immortal gift on them."

So what? Maybe that did have some appeal to it. Knowin' that he wanted me. He didn't want Buffy like everyone else did, killed her off like nothin'. Not like I had anything else left. He'd already killed off every contact I'd tried to make since Wes busted me out the clink. Not me though, and he just kept comin' back. This sick slow torture that he got his rocks off on. Two could play, and I was about to up the ante. See how he liked my darkness after I stake his fucking bitch.

I'd been confused at first, but after a few minutes of squinting through the dark I knew exactly who it was. Angelus. Could tell by the way he carried himself, the outline of his silouhette in the dark. There was my boy. Even if I couldn't see him I knew it was him. We were one and the same now, and I was sure I could see him from miles away. I watched carefully, crouched in the brush as he got into the back of the limo and it pulled away from the gates in front of the estate.

I waited a few more minutes before makin' my move. After he'd been gone for awhile I started heading towards the back of the house. Figured I could break in through the basement and...

"Of course you thought I brought you there to prove a point. Show you off, when in fact I was there showing them who their Queen was going to be. Who I'd chosen over them all, the one who snuffed out the stupid life that thought I'd waste my immortal gift on them."

Stopping in my tracks halfway there I thought long and hard about it for a minute or so. Angelus wouldn't break in through a basement, he'd come swaggering in through the front door like the cocky bastard that he was. I wanted to play the game right? Play to win? Why the fuck should I be the one sneaking in through basement windows? Standing up straight, I tilted my chin up and clenched the wooden stake tightly in one hand. Walking straight up to the front door, I pushed it open only to have a snarling vampire in my face.

"Do you know who I am?" I asked him curiously, still holding the stake in plain view.


"I'm comin' in now. Gonna try and stop me?"

"We've been given orders not to try and hurt the slayer." He said, changing back into his human face and taking a step back.

"Gee, that's sweet." With a roll of my eyes I walked into the house and peered around the main foyer. Could still hear that baby crying through the darkness. The little girl Angelus had hunted down after lettin' me think I'd rescued her. Turning my attention back to the vampire standing in front of me, I hardened my features. "Where is she?" I demanded, clenching down on the stake harder.

The vampire balked visibly, wuss that he was before nodding towards the stairs. Upstairs. Good. We were gettin' places. Not to mention, cooperating just saved his ass and I think he got that.

Heading up the stairs quietly I could hear a soft humming come from the bathroom. A definite female voice, it had to be her. Lily. The chick Angelus kept around just for kicks while he got his rocks off tormenting me. An irrational possessive wave made it's way through me as I stalked silently down the hallway. When I came to the bathroom doorway, I held my breath as I stood and watched a girl brushing her over the sink. Long blonde hair. She was a hot little number, not that I didn't expect that.

After a second she froze and looked up like she could sense me, before turning around to gaze at me through pale eyes.

"Who the fuck are you?" Her voice was low and sweet, a contrast to her appearance.

"Does it hurt?" I asked her curiously, my head tilting to the right slightly.


"When you die. Is it just like a little sting and then you're down for the count or does it hurt a wicked lot?" The words escaped my mouth before I could stop them, becoming painfully aware of the stake still clenched in my hand.

Cold eyes from across the room settled on the stake before looking up at me. "You're that vampire slayer." She said as she sauntered forward, just a few steps.

Blood dripped to the floor from the palm of my hand. I'd been clenching the stake so tightly it was beginning to dig into the soft flesh. "Yeah." The two of us locked eyes and it seemed to go on forever. I didn't know what I was thinkin' or if I was even thinkin' at all. It was like a giant vacuum and all I could see was cold pale blue.

It only lasted for a few minutes before she attacked. Guessed she'd never faced up to a slayer cause it was pretty weak. I caught her fist easily and sent her crashing into the wall. Turning around with the stake raised I watched as she used my own momentum against me. Her feet sprung off the wall and she struck out at me again and caught me off balance. One fist cold-cocked me in the jaw and I was suddenly on the floor. Springing back up quickly I had to dodge a little blonde package of fists and fury. She was so tiny I didn't think she'd pack that much of a punch. Then again, I didn't think Angelus would shack up with just anyone.

Grabbing her by the hair I pulled her forward roughly, my other hand pulling the mirrored door of the medicine cabinet open. Her forehead connected with the glass and sent it shattering all along the tile floor. Raising a knee up, I shoved it into her stomach before tossing her back on the floor.

She sprung up from the ground, ridges rising in her forehead and yellow eyes glaring at me. Good. They were just easier to fight when they looked like monsters. Lashing out at her with a foot, she caught it between her hands and twisted violently sending me flying through the air and through the shower curtain. Landing hard on the porcelain of the bathtub I could almost feel it crack underneath me with the pressure. I'd let go of my stake somewhere during the fall.

Scrambling out of the shower curtain I tried to find my stake as a crushing force circled around my throat. Choking, I wheezed as I tried to pull the cord from around my neck but she had it locked around like a vice.

"You know." Her voice was soft as she whispered in my ear. "I think Angelus would like you. Maybe I'll keep you as a pet."

Reaching out blindly for my stake, I couldn't escape the confines of the shower curtain. Stars danced around my eyes as I pulled myself forward trying to find the damn stake. Lily was still talking in my ear, but I could barely hear her over the roaring noise. I wasn't supposed to lose this fight. This wasn't the way it was supposed to go. I had to prove that I was better than her. I had to kill her.

My fingertips stretched further desperately seeking that stake. Finally when I was about to give up my fingertips brushed something wooden. With everything I had left I yanked myself and her forward and let my fingers close around my weapon. Quickly, I looked up and spotted my target before plunging the stake into her chest. She gave me a shocked look before disintegrating into dust. The pressure mercifully loosening from around my neck.

Sucking in a mouthful of air, I unwound the cord and frowned when I ended up holding a hair dryer. A fucking hair dryer. That was about to be my downfall. I really needed to train harder. Tossing the hair dryer in the sink I climbed out of the bathtub and looked down at the pile of dust on the floor. With a slight smirk I tossed the stake on the pile of Lily's ashes before walking out of the bathroom.

I walked down the stairs and out the front door without stopping. I didn't stop walking at all until I got to the Bronze. I walked onto the dance floor and then I stopped, but only for a second. After that I let my body fall into the rhythm of music- lettin' myself get lost to it. I didn't know why, but suddenly I felt better than I had in weeks.

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Jesus is Knocking on the Door of Your Heart [15 Jan 2005|10:06pm]

[ mood | amused ]

It had been a little over a week since I had last seen my precious little fuck up, and I figured it was probably time I drop in and see how she's doing. After all? Do I look like the kinda guy who'd neglect his property? Not likely. I stood in front of the mirror on my bureau and smirked to myself, never mind the fact that I've been a vampire for nearly two hundred years it still wigged me out that I really had no clue what I looked like. Sure I knew I was handsome and pretty much always have been, but it would be nice to be able to see my face as I run my fingers through my hair. That'd mean being mortal? Nope, not a fucking chance in hell I would ever ever wish for that shit. I had far too much fun being dead and wicked, fucking with all the pretty girls and making them fall down. Rows and rows of daisies all laid out still and plucked, all for me. I moved out of the bedroom into the living room and looked around at my men, men that I really didn't fucking need.

There was one thing in the room that was a refreshing thing to see, Lilly. My little dead princess that I kept around for those times I needed a little pick me up fuck, she worked. Of course I did want something live and warm and kicking and I kind of had that, she just didn't know it yet. I'd have her eating out of my hand in no time, she was already slowly breaking. Taking my handouts and laying down like a sweet baby when she knows she can't hack it any longer. Even for a Slayer she knows when is when and I was hoping that the little incentive I've placed in her hands was going to pay off in the long run. State of the art gym. Slayer's body. Made me giddy just thinking about it, not too many people out there could even give me a battle that was equal.

I made my way out to the car, deciding on driving myself for fun, and slowly made my way to the shining building that held my delicious tart. I parked right in the front and put the car in gear, running my fingers along my jawline possibly in anticipation of an upcoming battle. The feel of her fist slamming against my jaw, one could only hope. Who even knew if she was still hanging around, but something told me she wasn't going to give up the lap of luxury for that smelly ass gymnasium. Then again, she is white trash pretty much. I pushed open the car door and headed into the lobby, brushing past the guy at the front desk who was avoiding eye contact anyway and climbed into the elevator, riding it to the top. The doors slid open and I pulled a key from my pocket, of course I kept a key to this joint, do I look stupid? I don't think so. She'd hear me unlocking the locks and I suddenly had an idea. I walked to the end of the hallway to the large window, pushed it open and moved out onto the ledge. I made my way around and found one window open by the fire escape, of course she smokes. I smirked and let myself in the window quietly, looking around the loft.

It was quiet, except for the sound of blows being thrown angrily against something in the workout room. I walked silently to the door and leaned against the door frame, watching her hammering on the punching bag. Her body strung tight and tense, every muscle in action as she viciously pounded away, her mind somewhere else totally. Angry noises and near growls leaving her throat, no doubt she was imagining that was my face, who could blame her? I'd spanked her ass a few good times already she should be pissed she was a slacker.

"Impressive." I announced, watching as her body stilled, her face turning toward me. Teeth clenched in a rage, sweat dripping from just about everywhere. "Glad to see you aren't sitting around on your fat lazy ass, Faithy." I just wanted to stir the pot a bit, see just how much she had in her. What? I smirked and slipped a hand into my pocket, watching her carefully.

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Too dumb to run, too dead to die [12 Jan 2005|12:51am]

[ mood | guilty ]

I'd heard it my whole life. Like my fucking theme song that I just couldn't seem to shake, ya know? You're not good enough, Faith. Not tough enough or smart enough. Definitely not strong enough.

Seemed like Angelus had the tune down pat. Gettin' under my skin, just like Wes said he would. It had worked too, from the minute I'd laid eyes on him he was gettin' under my skin. Like something smooth and possessive settling in and leaving a chill over my spine. When he was here, my heart rate quickened and it felt like every fiber of my body was on fire. And when he wasn't here, I could still his voice. It was an itch, a dark low threat in the back of my mind.

My fists pounded against the punching bag set up in the corner of the room. Dark hair sticking to my forehead with sweat, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of heavy breathing and flesh meeting fabric violently.

So maybe I wasn't smart enough, or strong enough or good enough. But there was one thing the pretty psycho hadn't counted on. My uncanny ability to bounce back from pretty much anything. Sure he could try to stab me or put me into a coma but I'd just come back. I always did. What was more than that? I wasn't willing to go down without a fight. Not like anyone else was gonna step up to the plate. Angelus was gonna learn real fast that I bit back. Only kick a chick while she's down for so long before she gets all kinds of pissed off.

I hit the back with more force, throwing a few kicks in just to keep my mind off of what I'd done earlier. Where I'd been.

Long dark charred locks. Perfectly manicured nails on the ends of perfectly burned to a crisp fingers. I was standing over dust and bones, and suddenly it felt like I was standing over Finch all over again. Deputy Mayor, bitch to serious evil. The first person I ever killed.

Squeezing my eyes shut for a split second I opened them again, before sending out another series of attacks. Lashing out at the punching bag I tried to push it all away. All those thoughts in the back of my mind. I couldn't escape from what I did, it was always there. Just like Angel said it would be.

I wondered if she screamed? I'd been stabbed, smacked around, had broken just about every bone in my body at some point or other. But I'd never really been burned. What did it feel like to have your skin just melt away like hers had? She was pretty, and young and bright and I killed her. I killed her.

"It was an accident!" I suddenly screamed letting another wild series of blows come crashing into the punching bag.

Leaning against it, I suddenly stopped. My heart was pounding loudly in my chest, and my breathe was heavy. I could feel my chest rising and falling against the material of the punching bag and all I could think about was how it was all my fault. My fault because Cordelia was dead. My fault that Dawn, Willow and Xander were dead. My fault that the little baby girl was dead. All because I couldn't seem to get it together. Wouldn't that just be what you'd expect from the crappy slayer? Couldn't even stake a vampire. Gettin' all weak in the knees instead.

"Fuck it." I muttered, as I turned quickly and headed into the little area where I'd set up a cot. It probably used to be someone's office, but it had everything a girl needed. Place to sleep, a bathroom with shower. Right there and then I decided there was three things I needed tonight. Dancing, booze, and a good quick lay. Take my mind right off that Psycho.

Stripping all of my clothes I headed for the bathroom. Reaching inside the shower I turned the water up as hot as it would go before heading for the sink. Stopping in front of the mirror I shook my hair out of the rubber elastic that had been holding it up and in place. After I was finished combing it out with my fingers I headed inside the shower. The water was scalding hot as it singed my skin, raining down and plastering my hair to the back of my neck.

After I'd washed up I turned the water off, and suddenly froze. A weird tingle made it's way down my skin, and I raised my chin up practically holding my breath for a minute. After awhile the feeling passed and I figured it was my own paranoia.

Shaking my head I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my still damp form. Walking back into the office I let the towel fall to a heap on the floor as I searched through my clothes. I didn't have a lot, just whatever Wes had bought me before he bit the big one. But I found a pair of red leather pants and black tank top and slipped into them before heading back into the bathroom.

I ran my fingers through my hair, frowning at the bite marks on my exposed neck. The frown grew deeper as I leaned in closer to the mirror to examine them. Finally I just shook my head with a sigh and found my lipstick on the sink. Putting on a thin layer over my lips I smacked them together once when I felt that weird tingle again. This time it definitely wasn't paranoia. He was here. Right behind me.

Looking up into the mirror I was only startled for a minute before I realized vamires didn't cast a reflection so of course he wouldn't be there. Wicked creepy.

"What do you want?" I asked, not bothering to turn around and look at him. He wouldn't kill me, I knew that and he knew it. He wanted something else from me. He just wanted to hurt me, and I didn't think it mattered if I was facing him or not. Actually I was pretty sure he got off on that look on my face anyway.

The bite marks on my neck caught my attention in the reflection of the mirror again. We were kindred now.

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[07 Jan 2005|01:14pm]

[ mood | devious ]

After Faith left with that squalling little brat, I had one of my men follow her. I had to see where she was going, not that it would be hard for me to find her now. She was marked, marked as mine. No other vampire in the state of California would even look at her as a meal, if they did they wouldn't live to tell about it. She was mine, slowly but surely, she was mine. I searched around the house and tossed worthless items into the main room, redesigning it to my taste. First thing's first, dark tinted windows were going up. Had to be safe around here, didn't need the sun cooking my ass to a crisp that's for damn sure. I wanted to go after Faith and the baby now, but realized the first thing Faith would do was try to drop the kid at the nearest police station. That's a joke, they'd make her hold onto the kid until Social Services could be contacted, which meant she was stuck with the kid for a least a day if not two. Gave me a small window of opportunity to make my move, sweep in and kill the baby in front of her. The little prize that she got her ass tied to a table and thrown in a safe for. I decided to keep the safe, seemed like Faith enjoyed her time in it. Have to keep that in mind.

"Boss, found out where her and the kid are." A voice behind me announced, I turned and saw my boy Ralphie grinning from ear to ear. "They busted into some old building down on the waterfront, not sure what it is. Looks like a big gymnasium or some shit. Who knows, but that's where they are." I nodded my head and clapped him proudly on the shoulder in gratitude. I glanced outside into the night sky and had to wish myself to not do anything tonight. I just wished I coulda been closer to see Faith attempting to take care of a kid, that would be wicked amusing. Tomorrow would have to do, and besides, she'd probably have the brat with her still. Los Angeles Child Protective Agency had so many loop holes it was like a Diner's Card for vampires. No shittin' either.

"Good. I'm going to go out and grab myself something ... warm to eat. Then we sleep. Tomorrow night we go to this little place and find our girls. You keep tails on her, anything changes I want to be the first to know. Have the car ready tomorrow too, I got some things to take care of on the Northside." I replied, making sure my demands were heard I made the lug repeat them to me. "Good, good work Ralphie. Go on, get yourself something to eat. I'll be back. Keep the place surrounded too, don't need another house fire got it?" I walked past him brushing him hard with my shoulder to let him know I was clearly pissed about the lack of security on the last house. It had taken me weeks to get that place up to par, and now it was just a pile of ashes. Fucking Slayer.

I went out and got myself something nice and fat to eat and returned to the house, falling on the nearest bed I slept. I woke up to Ralphie poking me in the chest, telling me it was time to get up. Time to go see my girls. I grinned and rolled out of bed, dressing myself in something nice and black. Black was my signature color I think, not to mention I dressed in black because Angel was always wearing pink and lavenders. Fucking pansy. Nothing says power like black. I'm power. I made my way out to the car and got in the back with Ralphie, he told the driver where to head and we were off. Off to see just what Faith and her littlest star were up to, an amused smile flashed across my face as we pulled up in front of the building.

"Imagine that." I smirked and opened the door, climbing out. "You stay around back, I don't want her getting away or trying to stash the kid outside. Oh, and if I see one fang mark on either of them that ain't mine, you're toast." I patted his shoulder and started walking around the perimeter to take it all in. An old gymnasium, clever girl, nice choice. I imagine she picked it so she could beef up and take me on like a real Slayer should, no matter it wouldn't help. I was still gonna kill her. I found a window and pulled myself through it, walking through an old shower room, blue tile smelled of hundred year old gym shorts. Disgusting, but it was warm and big. I pulled the door open quietly and peered out into the large gymnasium, I saw a flicker of fire in one corner. A barrel fire, how sweet, she wants to keep the baby warm. I made my way around the outskirts of equipment silently, her voice carrying across the room like an echo in the Grand Canyon. She was talking to the child, and from what I could see attempting to feed it something. I looked around and found the perfect spot to hide out in, talk to her so she couldn't see me just yet.

"This is just so touching, Faith." I laughed as I crouched above her on an old catwalk. "Playing house, complete with baby. When did you become sucha good Mommy? Days of being a whore produce a kid for you? Or do you have a baby brother or sister you had to take care of while Mom was being a piss poor drug addict?" I laughed again, loving how my voice and laugh bounced off the walls. She'd never be able to tell where I was, it was too large, too much of an echo and far too dark at the height I was at. I'd come down when she started to panic, when her heart started to sing to me because it was beating so fast.

"Come on now, didn't you miss me?" I smirked and dropped to the floor below. I was about thirty feet from them, the baby sitting on the floor on a blanket with food on her fat little face. Faith glared at me and then looked at the baby. "Oh, what? You didn't think I was gonna come back to feast on my precious little baby? Now, now Faithy. You know me, I have a thing for babies and nuns. I don't pass them up ever. Plus ... two delicious girls just waiting for me to make a meal of them, I'd be stupid to pass that up." I started walking closer to them, slowly, the sound of my boots the only sound that filled the room. Even the baby was quiet as she stared with wide eyes, oh that was cute, now she was going to be afraid of Daddy.

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Can't talk to a psycho like a normal human being [06 Jan 2005|05:40pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

By the time my eyes opened I could hear someone shuffling around in the background. My hand immediately went to my throat and I thought for one terrifying second that it was my turn to get strapped to a table. But I couldn't be strapped anywhere because I could move, and this table? Kinda feelin' like a bed.

Opening my eyes I looked around and realized I was layin' on Buffy's bed. Her bedspread was soft underneath me, and there was a bandage over my neck where two small wounds should be. Marked me. I'd mark his ass if it was the last thing I did, well at least mark his chest with a stake. Dust in the wind. Wasn't that what I kept promising him? Clenching my jaw I remembered the way Dawn had felt pressed up against me, all cold and stiff. He'd killed her and Red right under my nose, I was sleeping the entire time. The fuck-up. Seemed like he already had my number, now I just had to find his.

"Wasn't sure you were ever gonna wake up." A deep familiar voice startled me out of my thoughts and I looked up into Xander's face. His eyes were red-rimmed and his jaw was set in a grim sort of way that I never thought I'd see on him. Man, it had been a wicked long time. Nothin' like old friends reunited, or ya know, not.

"Everybody's just full of surprises." I said evenly, as I sat up on the couch and automatically reached for my cigarettes. My hand brushed a small piece of paper sending it sailing to the ground.

"Yep. Nothing's more surprising than coming to your bestest of best bud's house to find out she's been slaughtered by the same psycho vampire who did your other best friend in last week." His words held a bitter irony that just sounded so damn wrong in his voice. Everything about this was so damn wrong. "It was Angel, right?"

"Angelus." I corrected him quickly. Didn't want anyone mistakin' the two of them, even though I couldn't stop myself from doing the same thing. Usually when I was holding a stake at his heart.

He laughed bitterly at me, before sinking down in a nearby chair and looking down at the carpet. "What's the difference? Sorry if I'm not on the let's defend Angel bandwagon when all of my friends have just been murdered." He spat out sarcastically.

I just looked away and lit up my cigarette. I couldn't argue with that, and besides it was way different for Xander than it was for me. Not like I could comfort him...at least not in any traditional kinda way.

"I can take care of him." I finally said after a minute. "But you need to get the hell out of dodge."

"Anyone or anything you've ever loved or cared about, thought was your friend, I'm going to kill. You'll never want to sleep again, and it won't matter, I'll still keep coming. Every single time."

Psycho was delusional enough to think that the people he'd managed to kill so far were my friends. My friends? No such animals. The only thing I loved was the body he was still wearin'. Angel. Buried in there deep down inside....stuck there. But if Angelus was stupid enough to think that Willow and Wes were my friends? He was definitely gonna kill Xander the minute he saw him talkin' to me. He needed to get out of town. Because when it came right down to it? I didn't think I could protect him. And I knew he couldn't protect himself.

"No way!" He protested vehemently, just like I knew he would. "I'm going to stick around until I see the sadistic son of a bitch who killed my friends a pile of dust. Don't try and make me leave, Faith. You can hurt me, you can threaten me all you want. But I'm still staying. You can't talk me out of it."

I sighed looking up at him again through clouds of smoke. He was wicked thick headed, just like the rest of the bunch here. The rest of the very dead bunch. Did he have some kinda death wish or something? He was so breakable, he'd die just like the rest of them. But maybe that's what he wanted. Scuse me for thinkin' it, but all his best pals were dead. Maybe he didn't have anything else. Couldn't lie and say it didn't feel good to have someone on my side. Course the last person who was on my side ended up having his head ripped from his body.

"You saw what he did, Xander. He'll come after you too! What the hell do you expect me to do about that?" I had to try, had to try and get him to leave.

"I expect you to stake him, and I expect to be in the room to watch him turn to dust." He replied matter of factly.

Stupid stubborn Xander. Didn't he know that his big plan was gonna get him killed?

"I can't stake him." I said quietly without really thinkin' about it.


"I just mean....he's too fast, strong. Hey! I just spent a couple years chillin' in the closest eight by ten ok? I'm not exactly up to speed, out of practice and stuff." I said lamely. Man, I felt so fucking lame with my lame ass excuses. But I didn't have anything else.

"So what then? You have a game plan right? An idea?" He looked at me intently, and why the hell was it that the slayer always had to come up with the idea?

Butting my cigarette out in the ashtray, I spied a small piece of paper on the coffee table. Picking it up idly I opened it and frowned when I read the words.

"What?" Xander's voice interupted my thoughts.

"I've got a game plan, but I need you to pick some stuff up for me."

"No problem."


While Xander went on his own little scavenger hunt I found myself at the usual spot. Well, the usual spot if you're a girl tryin' to get the 411 on where the local Psycho vampire hung his hat. Willy's. How much did I not miss that stinkhole let me count the ways. Soon as I walk in everyone's got an itchy trigger finger, muttering slayer under their breath. If I had wanted their asses dust I woulda already staked 'em. Didn't know what the big deal was. Willy seemed pretty shocked to see me actually. Guessed the word on the street was that Angelus had already done in two slayers. Yeah right, guy liked to talk a big game for real. Though I gotta say, kinda freaked me out to try and come up with the reasons why he had said that. Anyways, it only took me smashing Willy across the face with my hand a couple times before he was babbling like the little bitch he so clearly was. Found out where Angel's evil twin was hiding out. Some big fancy schmancy house up in the nice part of town. Wouldn't that just figure? Livin' it up like the queen he was.

Few hours later I was kickin' it outside the Summers' house waitin' on Xander to show up. The sun would be setting in a few minutes and I wanted to just get this done. Knew I had what it took to kill him now, I just couldn't look into that famliar face when I did it.

Finally Xander pulled up in his car, but left it running as he hopped out of it. He was givin' me a strange look, and curiously I looked past him into the car. Some brunette I didn't recognize was sitting in the passenger seat.

"Hi Faith." He said with a grim smile.

"Xander! The sun is about to set! You make it quick, before I have to leave town by myself because of your untimely death." The brunette in the passenger seat said impatiently.

Raising an eyebrow I turned back to Xander. "Hey. Guess you better make it quick." I said grimly, matching his smile. Guessed Xander had something after all. Everyone had something....I mean, everyone but me.

"I'm sorry, Fai-"

"No." I cut him off quickly. "It's fine, cool. I understand." And I hoped that he got that I really did understand. It was better this way. Not that it wasn't disappointing in it's own way. But when you're me? You sorta learn to live with disappointment. "Brought the stuff?"

He gave me a long hard look for a second before nodding at me. "Yep, it's right here." I followed him to the trunk of his car, and looked past him as he opened it up. Everything was there. Whole kitten caboodle.

"That'll work." I said, reaching inside and taking my treasure out.

"I'm....well, I sort of...I'm going to leave town with Anya. I wanted to stay, but she just...." He sighed and gave me a defeated look. "I know you can do this." He finally said.

I managed a half smile for him, he seemed like he needed reassuring. He wasn't the only one. "Thanks. Guess I'll see ya."

"Yeah." He answered quietly before meeting my gaze for a minute. We both just stood there in silence and I swore I could actually see the inner conflict goin' on with him. He was bein' smart though, we both knew it. Finally he turned and got into the car. I just stood and watched as he drove off.

When he was really gone I looked up and saw the sun starting to set. Good. That meant it was time to put the plan into action. Had to act quick though. Packing up all my goodies into the trunk of Buffy's jeep I climbed into the front seat and started the engine. Time to pay Angelus a little visit, see how he liked my darkness now.

By the time I got near his address the sun had sunk far beyond the horizon and the moon was full and bright over my head. I stalked through the backyard, a gascan clenched tightly in my hand. Time to end this once and for all. I hoped he hadn't woken up yet, the night was still young. If he had I was fairly confident he'd come back to find his house all charred, and be really fucking pissed off. Either way it works for me.

Quietly I opened up the basement window and slipped through it. I landed like a cat on the hard finished floor. This place was like a fucking mansion. Almost wanted to snicker at it, leather pants and a big fancy house? Yeah, like that's not raising any red flags. Didn't matter, had to focus.

Turning the gascan I began splashing the liquid inside all over the floor. I didn't stop until I'd poured out the entire can. I splashed a whole bunch of it all over the walls too, just for extra measure.

After I'd climbed back up through the window, I turned around to admire my handywork. Sick little smile still on my face I took out my smokes. Running a match along the back of the pack, I lit the cigarette in my mouth before tossing it in the window. Turning around I could almost feel the heat of the flames licking up the walls of the house as I walked back towards my car.

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[04 Jan 2005|05:06pm]

[ mood | devious ]

After my little rendez-vous with Faith, well actually after she ran off like the little chickenshit whore she is, I decided to follow her. Not hard to do, even gave her a good five minute start, already knew where she was going. Buffy's of course, where else would said Slayer run with her tail between her legs to lick her wounds? Or maybe she was dreaming that she'd get lucky and Buffy'd be the one to lick her wounds. Too bad she was dead, I'd pay to watch that event. The door swung open on Rovello Drive, revealing Willow and some blond chick, but Dawn as well. Not bad, but Willow and her wreaked of power and it made my ... well, let's not be dirty, right? I made my way around back once all the lights went off for the evening, easy access was provided through an open window in the basement and of course that lovely invite for Angel. I was still really Angel somewhere inside me, he was living the life of the pacifist while I ran about on my joyride. The magick was thick in the house, I could smell it dripping from Willow and that girl's mouth, who oddly enough were in the same room as far as I could tell. Buffy of course. Faith. And awwww the small little wee Summer's girl Dawnie. How very dense of her to come to this house, did she honestly think she was going to be safe?

I saw Faith's form on the couch, she'd been given something for pain and sleep, knocked out. Her blood smelled of medicine and disgust because of it. Nothing like the modern man, finding a way to make the blood taste nasty for a day or two. I shook my head and silently made my way up the staircase, smirking to myself at how easy they'd all presented themselves for death. Way too easy, I think taking candy from a small child was more difficult. I made my way to Dawnie's door, quietly opening it, figuring I'd kill her first because let's face it, the kid's got some pipes. I placed my hand over her mouth, my fingers pinching her nose shut, sitting on the bed beside her sleeping form.

"Shhhhh!" I hushed her with a finger to my lips, still holding tightly to her mouth and nose. Her breath gasping against the palm of my hand as she attempted to suck in air. "Hush little baby don't say a word, Angelus is going to make your world get blurred." I grinned and leaned down, kissing her softly on the forehead before wrapping my other hand around her neck and crushing her windpipe and spinal column. She died fast, no hub bub, no screaming. I thought about draining her dry, but I figured I'd save that up for the two yummy witches down the hall. I silently crept my way toward their door, somehow remembering where creaky floorboards lay, stepping over them. My hand reached the door knob and I pushed it open, looking at the two forms on the bed, entangled in one another.

"Someone's come to play with the witches." I said quietly and pounced on them, trapping the two of them together and slamming the heads together with a horrible crack. "Go to sleep, so I can fill my belly and be done with this. Faith will be so disappointed to find you all so pretty and dead... won't she?" My hand reached out and I stroked the blonde hair back from a sleeping face, looking into Willow's face. I vamped and drank them both, the power swirling inside me nearly making me feel like I were going to implode. There, that wasn't so bad now was it? I strolled back down the stairs and kissed Faith on the head, leaving her a slip of paper with my location. I couldn't exactly just leave her with no possibility of revenge, I was really looking forward to spanking her ass. Again.I walked down into the basement and smirked. My location was here. I wanted to hear the wails pour from her upon waking and discovering her friends... were all dead.

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I'm like the desert tonight [04 Jan 2005|12:47am]

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I'd known about it for a week now. I mean not about it, but I knew B was dead way before Wes ever showed up to visit me in the clink. Gotta say never expected a visit from him of all people. He didn't even have to say a thing either, I knew why he was there. Only thing I couldn't figure out why he was the one who got sent to do the dirty work. Why wasn't Soul Boy here? He was pretty much the only person 'sides my lawyer that ever came to visit me. Only thing I could make of it was that Angel was so busy broodin' about his big love kickin' the bucket he couldn't make the trip and sent his lackey instead.

Pretty much told him as much when he gave me the real skinny on the situation. Reason Angel wasn't in the picture was cause Angel was really outta the picture. Not to mention Cordelia, Connor, Gunn, Fred and Buffy. Looked like Soul Boy got his happy on with another cheerleader. Fucking Cordy of all people? That musta burned B up one good. Well...it probably did, before Angelus killed her. I knew the minute he did it too, she was already so completely dead inside even before her heart stopped beating. I didn't even wanna think about what he had done to her to make her like that. Cause B? The strongest person I ever met, straight up.

Didn't know how Wes managed to make it out alive, til he told me that he hadn't been playin' nice with Team Angel for a wicked long time. Looked like he burned all his bridges before Angelus burned 'em for real. He wanted me to bust out, said the world needed me cause I was the one now. The only one. Chosen. Life was a bitch like that, and now it was my turn to step up to the plate. Couldn't keep hidin' away in my cell, pretendin' like everything on the outside was fine. That B had a handle on it, that she wasn't really dead.

Except she was, and this was the part where Wes told me I had a duty to do. He wasn't my watcher anymore but he was startin' to sound an awful lot like one as he talked to me through that plate of glass. I sorta wanted to blow him off til he had to pull out the 'you have a responsibility to Angel' card. Well, fuck. I had a responsibility to stake him? I didn't see how that added up, but Wes kept sayin' that it did. That it was what Angel would want me to do. I couldn't really say. Despite tryin' my hardest to bring Angelus out to play in my not so sane days I hadn't ever met him. He couldn't really be that bad. But I finally gave in, or busted out is probably more like it. Straight through that same fingerprint-stained glass.

The next night me and Wes were loaded up on weapons and standin' outside the Bronze in Sunnydale. Wes had a shotgun clutched firmly in his hand, and I had a couple stakes in my jacket pocket. I could do this. I was the slayer now, I'd do what Angel would want me to do. Smack down his alter ego, and then....well, then I guessed it was time to step up and be the real deal slay chick.

"Don't forget what I told you, Faith." Wesley warned as we turned down the alleyway.

"Yeah, I heard the first billion times, Wes." I shook my head, tryin' to concentrate. He was nearby, I just knew it.

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